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all about that trill nail life all about that trill nail life


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Art & Trends

The most talented nail artist in Charlotte, arguably best in the SouthEast. She creates incredible works of art on your nails. From simple to intricate designs, your Trilla Nails will make a statement.

Gabby Witcher

Never in a million years did I think I would like my nails, let alone feel super confident about them! Now I love showing them off to everyone I meet. She is the most talented nail artist i've ever met. I do a lot with my hands and my nails last for weeks, looking great.

Ali Ngear

I have been living in CLT for 3 years and I have finally found a nail tech that I literally cannot wait to see. We vibe so well and she is really passionate about her business.

Kendall Brown

I feel more confident and learned a few tricks which were extremely important to successfully sculpt. Thank you so much <3.

Keshia Lee

I started going to Gabbie and I had no idea how genuine, driven and how much of an artist & talented she was. Any design I wanted, look, shape, she was able to competely kill it! I'm sold on always having my nails done...I can't recommend her enough, people.

Katelyn Lee